Jacks or Better

For those fatigued by monotonous slots, where each spin boils down to a mere push of a button, Jacks or Better is a genuine revelation. This captivating game not only offers the chance to test your luck but also demands your active participation, pushing you towards developing tactical skills and employing various strategies.

Jacks or Better Review

Game Info *

Provider Play'n Go
Theme Poker
Reels N/A
Pay lines N/A
Stakes Range £0.25 – £50
Max Win x800
RTP 95
Volatility Low
Release date 01/07/2015

How to Play Jacks or Better

  1. Take your seat in front of your laptop, computer, or get comfortable with your mobile phone.
  2. Visit the Wild 24 Casino online platform.
  3. Choose Jacks or Better and get ready to enjoy the process.

Now, let's go through the key moments of the gameplay:

  • Begin by selecting your bet. Click directly on the bet amount or on the round, glowing symbol to the right of Spin.
  • You will then be dealt five cards. Examine your initial hand and contemplate how to improve it. Your choices and decisions will impact the game.
  • Depending on your decision, you need to keep or discard some cards. How many cards can you discard? As many as you want, don't restrain yourself except by the chosen path you've decided to follow.
  • Start the game with a pair of Jacks. The stronger the combination you manage to assemble, the higher your prize will be.

Jacks or Better Features

The most significant advantage of this game is the opportunity to put into practice some strategies or ideas that, in your opinion, can help you achieve the best results. For example, an intriguing strategy that advises neglecting the kicker.

What does this mean exactly?

  • In the poker world, the term "kicker" refers to a card not included in the main winning combination but used to determine the winner in case of tied results. Suppose you have a pair in your hands and also a high card (king or ace) that doesn't improve the pair; this card is considered a "kicker."
  • Why shouldn't you hold onto it? Because despite its potential value, in the current situation, this "kicker" does not add value to the existing combination. By exchanging it, you get a chance to build a more powerful hand, such as three of a kind or a four of a kind. This, in turn, could be the key to the coveted prize vault.

Jacks or Better RTP & Volatility

With a 95% Return to Player (RTP) rate, this game promises stable and frequent wins. Low volatility also contributes to this.

Jacks or Better Conclusion

You are on the verge of starting the game and understanding that this is a truly exciting world with its rules, secrets, and unexpected plot twists. If you want to enter the Jacks or Better territory more prepared, carefully study the game rules, familiarize yourself with the intricacies of card exchange, and their impact on the game's outcome. And don't forget about financial discipline and safety: set limits for yourself and stick to them, regardless of the excitement. 

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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