3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs

Want to embark on a journey through ancient China during the Three Kingdoms period without leaving the comfort of your home? Introducing 3 kingdoms battle of red cliffs online slot! Inspired by the historical events on the Yangtze River, this game will introduce you to legendary figures such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan as they battle for dominance and control over divided kingdoms.

3 Kingdoms: Battle of Red Cliffs Slot

Game Info *

Provider Pragmatic Play
Theme Asian, Battle, Fleet
Reels 5-3
Pay lines 25
Stakes Range £0.25 – £125
Max Win 250,000
RTP 96.5%
Volatility Medium
Release date 26/04/2017

How to Play 3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs

Playing this slot is as easy as giving commands:

  • Set your bet size
  • and - go ahead!

How to set the bet size?

You can adjust the bet size in two ways:

  1. In the game settings. The bet size ranges from £0.20 to £125. When selecting the bet size, the following steps are available: £0.25, £2.5, £5, and £12.5 (this step starts after the £50 mark).
  2. In the game itself, by clicking the minus/plus buttons next to the Spin button. This method offers additional options related to placing bets on the 25 paylines:
  • That is, if you want to determine the exact amount of money you will bet on each payline, you can do it right here.
  • What is the value of these money units? You can also specify it in the next field.
  • Perhaps you prefer to base it on the total bet amount? Enter the desired figure in the last row, and the two categories mentioned above will automatically adjust to your decision.

3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs Feature

If we imagine that each spin of the slot is a movement of the army, then the "Spoils of War" is a real battle:

  • As you advance along the Red Cliffs, you will continuously encounter generals who command the battle.
  • After your paths have crossed with them forty times, this feature is triggered.
  • You will have 8 envelopes and 1 choice. If your intuition doesn't fail you and you are incredibly lucky, you can receive a multiplier of your reward up to x100!

3 kingdoms battle of red cliffs casino game also has a beautiful design and interesting symbols with possible combinations ranging from 3 to 5:

  • Card symbols nine, ten, jack, and queen: 0.45 / 0.90 / 2.70
  • King and ace: 0.45 / 1.35 / 3.60
  • Sword and scabbard on a shield, helmet on a cushion, and a ship: 0.90 / 2.70 / 5.40
  • Combinations with the army generals start yielding profits with just 2 elements:
  • General in red attire: 0.27 / 1.35 / 4.50 / 9
  • General in green attire: 0.27 / 1.80 / 5.40 / 11.25
  • General in blue attire: 0.27 / 2.70 / 9 / 18

3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs RTP & Volatility

RTP is stated to be 96.5%. The volatility level is considered to be medium.

3 Kingdoms - Battle of Red Cliffs Conclusion

With stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and a rich historical background, this game offers an exhilarating experience for players seeking adventure and excitement. Sail along the Yangtze River, command mighty fleets, and 3 kingdoms battle of red cliffs play online. We wish you successful battles and abundant rewards!

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.