Adventures of Doubloon Island

Wild 24 Casino boldly proclaims: "No more delays. It's time to embark on a quest to find the lost Doubloon Island, where, rumor has it, countless treasures are stashed. With these glacial melts, the tiny island might sink beneath the waves, and all the coins will end up in the hands of the fish. And when fishermen catch them, the riches will shift to the anglers. That's an entirely different story, and we pirates have no interest in it.

Together, we will script our own tale called Pirate Odyssey.

Adventures of Doubloon Island Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Triple Edge Studios
Theme Gems, Pirates, Treasures
Reels 5
Pay lines 20
Stakes Range £0.1 – £7.5
Max Win x3,333
RTP 96.01%
Volatility Medium
Release date 01/02/2021

How to Play Adventures of Doubloon Island

There are two ways to reach this climatically challenged island in the middle of nowhere: The Long and the Fast.

Let's assume you're in no rush and sailing on your regular ship:

  • Choose your bet size from £0.1 to £5.
  • Spin the wheel.
  • Hope the outcomes lead you to a crucial sign on your way: a line of six golden doubloons or gold skulls with crossed sabres.
  • Finally docking ashore, you dig along and across, aiming to get one of the four chests. At a £5 stake, their values are:
    • Mini: £125
    • Minor: £500
    • Major: £2,500
    • Mega: £10,000

Adventures of Doubloon Island Features

The second way is one of the slot's main features. It includes an extra step from where the journey begins:

  • Observe the military frigate. Ensure it comes equipped with both sails and oars (you never know what the weather holds, and haste is essential).
  • Now, commandeer this marvel of British engineering. Use a couple of cannons for this, activated by pressing the button on the left side of the game field. It looks like a circle with arrows radiating around it, like a compass, and a golden arrow in the center pointing upwards. This is the Win Booster. Here's why it's necessary:
  1. It will double your stake, turning the initial £5 into £7.5.
  2. It will replace the treasure chests you're seeking with larger, more filled ones. Thus, their contents will amount to the following sums:
  • Mini: £250
  • Minor: £1,000
  • Major: £5,000
  • Mega: £25,000

Therefore, simply using the cannons as intended increases the jackpots by a whopping 2 times.

Adventures of Doubloon Island RTP & Volatility

RTP 96.01% means that, on average, $0.9601 is returned in winnings for every dollar you wager. However, this pertains to the gameplay over an extended period. Short sessions can result in both positive and negative outcomes. The medium volatility indicates that the slot strikes a balance between the frequency of wins and their size.

Adventures of Doubloon Island Conclusion

Regardless of how your Pirate Odyssey concludes, one thing is certain: It will be a splendid journey full of captivating wheel and plot twists. Additionally, the action will be accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack, at times as tranquil as the tide on a tropical island, and at others as tumultuous as the ocean in a nine-beaufort storm.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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