Artic Fruits

Freezing fruit so that you can make a couple of shekels is the name of this game. Perhaps not the most regul;ar thing to say, but the clear and crisp graphics of this offering from 1x2 Gaming Group is part of what makes it such a joy to use. It’s a pleasure to lay your eyes on this frozen slot not because what you see is exceptional in any sense but perhaps because it is exactly not that. The blue of the background, the uncluttered indicators surround the reels and the crisp, bright and clear colours of the fruit that make up the majority of the symbols are plainly very pleasing to behold.


Game Info


1x2 Gaming Group


Frozen Fruit



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.2 to 10

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

Just as the graphics are a joy so is the relaxing nature of what it is like to play this delightful little slot machine. Don’t forget that you don’t have to take everything at face value. There is always the pay table if you want to look into the exact values of the different symbols as well as investigating any other game mechanics that may be present. Let us tell you about the most relevant ones.

Now, in order to start playing all you need to do is adjust the stake in case you don’t agree with what has been lined up by default and press the spin button.

Arctic Fruits Gameplay & Features

When you play Arctic Fruits you will discover a set of seven different fruits each with their own value. The first two, the lemon and the cherry have the lowest value giving you up to two times your stake when you collect 5 of them. Next up are Oranges which deliver 3 times your stake with 5 in your pocket. After that come the Peaches which are worth 4 times your stake as long as you have all five. Now the Strawberries offer a 8 times your stake prize when you collect enough of the. These are followed by Grapes that deliver 10 times your stake. The final Fruity contribution to making you rich is the watermelon which gives you 25 your stake at the max. You would think that fruit would be the highest paying symbol but it isn’t. To get the 100 times your stake prize you will need to land 5 number “7”s on the reels. The Wild are not to be forgotten and are always welcome as they help us construct winning combinations.

The Bonus feature on this slot comes in the form of a growing multiplier which can go as high as 5 times your win. The way to increase the multiplier is to chain enough cascades to get there. Each time you win the fruit is encased in ice before it shatters and disappears. New symbols “cascade” into place delivering the chance of another win. Should you be lucky enough to repeat this four times without having to spin the reels then your multiplier will have risen to the top.

Arctic Fruits RTP & Volatility

Arctic Fruits has Medium Volatility and an RTP of 94.6%.

Arctic Fruits Verdict

Arctic Fruits may not be the most complicated slot out there but that is also part of its charm. The visuals are very pleasing to the eye making it tempting to keep on staying for just another couple of spins.

We appreciate you visiting our slots Casino here at WILD 24 and wish you a great big casino win. That’s part of the joy of gambling, the thrill when you may just lose it all and the excitement of hitting it big. That’s what make the really great slot sites 2022.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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