Big Money Frenzy

Have you ever thought why banks make themselves out to look so fancy? What’s the deal with all the marble and the dark mahogany, the bankers lamps and the heavy paperweights? Does a certificate from a bank really need all of that curly cursive writing? Or is there something else that’s going on? One theory is that they are trying to exude an air of dependability. All that shiny brass makes it look like the bank is well established and here to stay. They want to feel like money so that they can attract money. Blueprint Gaming sure has money on the brain when they put together this slot who’s theme can easily be described in a single word: Money! 

Game Info


Blue Print Gaming





Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 200

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win





Medium to High

How to Play

This slot will instantly take you back to an era of three piece suits and suspenders. Everything feels very much like a remake of the Oliver Stone movie: Wall Street. It’s not just the look, the music is also something that feels like it came from a time machine.

You would be excused for thinking that with the fancy banking theme, this slot would be a full service establishment but it is not. There are certain things that you will have to do by yourself. This includes spinning the reels because there is no autospin option on this machine.

Big Money Frenzy Gameplay & Features

No regular playing card symbols on this slot for the low value symbols. You’re in the lap of luxury, so even when you aren’t winning much, you will be surrounded by Gems. When you move up the value chain you will run into a number of symbols that will get you in the frame of mind for big riches. These symbols include piles of money, stacks of gold, pile of coins and the most exclusive diamond. There are ten pay lines in all and you need a minimum of three symbols to win something. There is also a mystery element in the form of golden dollar signs. When these land you have to wait until all of the reels have stopped spinning before you discover what symbols are hiding behind them.

This slot also comes with a mini game. You get to the mini game by landing three frames with values in them. When you land three frames the values inside them go with you to the Money Spin mini game. Here you have an opportunity to make more money by landing even more money filled frames. If you land a money freeze frame you get to go to another version of Money Spin where the difference is that you win all the values with each spin instead of them being totaled at the end of your turns.

Big Money Frenzy RTP & Volatility

Big Money Frenzy has a 96.05% Return To Player rate and features Medium to High Volatility.

Big Money Frenzy Verdict

Don’t take this game too seriously. It is best enjoyed when you play it with the right amount of tongue in cheek. Just like money. It’s a lot of fun but it’s not the answer to everything. Neither is this slot that can come off as a little too cheezy if you don’t appreciate the irony of it.

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