Book of 1001 Nights

There is no limit to the ways a good story can be told. When it comes down to it all heroic stories are basically the same. A character gets sent on an unexpected and often unwanted quest. Thinking the aim is to destroy evil, the journey in the end is nothing more than a path to self discovery. That all sounds simple and repetative but when it is done well we never get tired of hearing the same story told time and again through the different eyes of it’s diverse authors. 1001 Arabian nights is certainly one of those stories. The question remains, have Leander Games done the myth loyal service or have they merely tried to add a little bit of undeserved appeal to prop up this slot?


Game Info


Leander Games


Arabian Nights



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 50

Free Spins\Multiplier


Max Win






How to Play

Stories work best when they balance innovation with a recognizable framework. Too many changes and the reader doesn’t know what to expect. Slot machines are no different. The essentials should always be there so that you don’t go off the rails because you weren’t paying attention for a second.

That’s exactly what happens with the Book of 1001 Nights. You start down a familiar path of deciding what you want you stake to be and what your playing style is. Are you in charge or do you want the slot machine to do all of the spinning for you?

No surprises so far.

Book of 1001 Nights Gameplay & Features

Now that we’re done with the introductions and are ready to get started, let’s move on to where all of the action is. Because this is a slot all of the action comes in the form of a collection of different symbols. We begin with a familiar set of characters in the for of 10 to ACE Royals. They do their rather mundane job of being low value fillers that make the rest of the symbols look more exciting. So what is more exciting in this slot? If you can land Daggers or Flutes you will bring in some more cash than with the run of the mill symbols. In fact they will pay out as much as 750 your bet if you land enough of them. You may want to move on to the Scarab Symbol which offers a very satisfying 2000 times your bet when you land five of them. The star of the show is the Scheherazade Symbol which will truly impress you with its winning potential. Land five of these beauties and take home a spectacular 5,000 times your bet.

The Book Symbol is both the Scatter and the WILD symbol. You need three of these special symbols in order to get your hands on the much anticipated 10 free spins. There is an extra bonus that can show up  in the form of expanding symbols which will cover impressive sections of the reels to make your wins legendary.

Book of 1001 Nights RTP & Volatility

Book of 1001 Nights has High Volatility and a 95.10% RTP rate.

Book of 1001 Nights Verdict

This retelling of the Arabian Nights does not veer off the well beaten path. It supplies the pleasure of hearing a beloved story being retold in slot machine form. There are no plot twists or other things to surprise you while you are playing.

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