Burning Fortunator

Here’s something for you to ponder. Certainly you have heard people say that once things were simpler, better, neater, more satisfying, etc. It seems to be something as old as time itself. So the question is, is that claim actually true. Were things once better? It doesn’t matter what you apply it to, take computer games for instance. There’s an entire industry based on creating and recreating computer games that look and play like they came from the 80’s and 90’s. What’s the verdict though? Is this just misplaced nostalgia and sticky sweet sentimentality or are there things that were once better than they are today?


Game Info




Classic Vegas



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 100

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

The team at Playson have produced a slot that lets you test one end of this question. They have produced a slot that is like stepping into a way back machine. They have stripped away every single complicated game mechanic, fancy graphic bells and whistles. No more bonus games, no more thousands of ever changing pay lines. No need to spend oodles of time just getting the hang how the damn thing works. It’s all simple and plain as the nose on your face. This is a slot they meant when they slots were better back in the day. Here’s your opportunity to figure out if you agree with them.

The Burning Fortunator awaits your judgement.

Burning Fortunator Gameplay & Features

Even if they had tried they could not have made this slot more basic. You will find no more than 3 reels, each featuring exactly 3 symbols. This is the entire field of play. There is a big spin button. When you push it the reels spin. That’s when you find out if you’ve matched up one of the 8 available symbols on the 5 pay lines. You need to combine a single symbol in a line of 3 to win. If for some reason you want to dive deeper to verify that there is no more to discover, look up the pay table if you don’t believe us.

That is all that there is to it.

There is not a single scatter to be found that can somehow be coaxed into giving you some Free Spins.

You may want some help making winning combinations but you would need a WILD card for that. You guessed it. No such thin in the Burning Fortunator..

The screen never changes because you will never be distracted with mini games.

That’s not a complaint. It’s merely a statement of fact.

Burning Fortunator RTP & Volatility

Burning Fortunator has medium volatility and a 96.15% RTP

Burning Fortunator Verdict

This slot is actually very good. It’s just incredibly stripped down. Do you think this will convince you that everything was better in the good old days of black and white telly and limited international travel? Or perhaps it’s the exception that proves the rule.

All kidding aside, we here at  WILD 24 Casino hope you enjoy this slot or any of the other UK slots online we have prepared for you. We hope you have the best casino online experience with us as you help make us one of the best Casino Sites UK. Thank you from the bottom of our nostalgic hearts.

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.