Deal or No Deal Banker's Bonanza

Did you know that a small TV town in central Holland is the epicenter of a Telivision Empire? This sleepy little place with it’s bike paths, tree lined streets and low rise buildings is where some of the worlds most successful Gameshow concepts were birthed. Big Brother started in Dutch before it caught on just about everywhere else. To date the Endemol development company has probably been most successful with their Gameshow called Deal or No Deal. The concept is simple, as are the most catchy ones. There are a number of briefcases which hold prizes from the fantastic to the pathetic. You chose a brief case and hope the contents are pathetic so that the last one that remains holds the grand prize. With every turn, a banker will five you an offer to bow out of the game and it is your decision if the have a deal or no deal.

Riding on the success of the game show, there have been a number of electronic versions of the show including several Slot machines. Let’s have a look at how Blueprint Gaming did with bringing the well loved show to a slot machine near you.


Game Info


BluePrint Gaming





Pay lines

Pay anywhere

Stakes Range

0.2 to 10

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win





Medium to High

How to Play

You begin play as you do with any other slot machine you may have played. You can start with the stake that is set to default or adjust it to better match your proclivities. Now let’s find out how those secretive briefcases make it onto our slot machine., shall we?

Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonanza Gameplay & Features

This is the Bonanza version of Deal or No Deal. That means that you do not need to line up symbols in a particular order. You just need to land enough of them in order to win. There are a total of 6 reels with 5 symbols on each for you to try your luck on. Land at least eight of any symbol in order to enjoy a winning combination. When you do win, the symbols used disappear and new symbols cascade into place. This often creates another winning combination that does not require another spin of the wheel. There are no special symbols that you need to land to make it into the bonus game. The way there is driven through chained cascades. What needs to happen is that you chain 6 cascading wins in order to trigger the bonus game that resembles the original gameshow. There are three versions of the bonus game, with increasingly better prizes. Which version you get depends on how many Cascades you managed to chain. Now that you are in the drivers seat for the game show everything should be very familiar to you. A collection of suitcases are presented and you have to pick one each time followed by a decision to take the bankers deal or not. Will you take their bribe or risk it all to get a better prize?

Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonanza RTP & Volatility

Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonanza has a 94.95% RTP and Medium to High Volatility.

Deal or No Deal Banker’s Bonanza Verdict

If you like slot machines with cascading mechanisms then you’ll probably like this one. There are plenty of them out there. The Deal or No Deal Bonus game is a lot of fun to play and to win at. It is frustrating when you nix a deal from the banker and then get stuck with the fuzzy end of the stick.

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