Double Cash Spinner

You know what’s beautiful about the plethora of different slots that are available? That no matter what you are into, there are probably 10 to 20 slots that deliver exactly the experience you are after. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, there is something on offer for you without the least bit of judgement. Just the sincere hope that you have a good time using some of the wonderful slots that are on offer. There are so many different kinds of slots to be had from the super complicated to the dead simple. Inspired Games would like to offer you this classic Vegas style slot for your consideration.


Game Info


Inspired Games


Classic Vegas



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 22.50

Free Spins\Multiplier


Max Win






How to Play

It’s not always easy to make something simple work. There is no where to hide when you take away all the frills and special lighting. You have to be confident in the basics of your game if you are going to keep the game basic. But you know what? There are times when bare bones has a beauty of its own.

There is no mistaking what Double Cash Spinner is all about. This is a classic slot and if you’ve ever had a go on one you know exactly what to do. Begin with the essentials by establishing how much money you want to risk while playing. This slot actually gives you a lot of control in that department. Have a look at the auto-spinner and the several mechanisms that allow you to decide on max wins and losses that will stop the auto-spinner from continuing.

Double Cash Spinner Gameplay & Features

There are not many symbols used in this game. You will quickly memorize them all starting with the 7 symbols, then the BAR symbols followed by the WILD CARD Symbols and finally the Bonus Round Symbols. That’s it. Nothing else to be had. You can look up the details of what each combination delivers in the pay table. Suffice it to know that the 3 reels offer a total of 9 pay lines. The wild card is the most valuable symbol as well the symbol which replaces any other in order to make a winning combination.

Beyond the basics of a regular slot you will find the bonus round. The way to get to the bonus round is through 3 BONUS ROUND symbols which you need to land on the reels. The slot understands that this is the most exciting part of the game so when you land two, that third reel dramatically slows down to increase the suspense. The Bonus round is a wheel of fortune type spinner where you can win different kinds of multipliers or the chance to play the double cash spinner.

Double Cash Spinner RTP & Volatility

Double Cash Spinner has Medium volatility and a 94.04% Return to Player rate.

Double Cash Spinner Verdict

This slot is very straight forward and uncomplicated but it does so well. If you are looking for a bit of good old Vegas nostalgia, the Double Cash Spinner knows what it’s doing.

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