Dragon's Clusterbuster

In the realm of the Three Dragon Eggs, three formidable dragons held sway:

  • the violet – embodiment of energy,
  • the green – guardian of nature's might,
  • and the blue – master of icy chill.

Their eggs, containing the power of three elements, became the focal point of a grand magical event known as Dragon's Clusterbuster. Anyone eager could test their mettle by hatching dragon eggs. The fortunate ones forged friendships with dragons and claimed a substantial share of their gold. Fancy joining these lucky few? Launch the Dragon's Clusterbuster slot on the Wild 24 Casino website and get ready to cast spells.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Red Tiger
Theme Dragons, Fantasy, Mystic
Reels 9
Pay lines Cluster Pays
Stakes Range £0.2 – £10
Max Win x5,250
RTP 96%
Volatility High
Release date 28/04/2022

How to Play Dragon's Clusterbuster

Blast, explode, and blast again.

Only through relentless detonations can you pierce the super-strong stone shell of the egg. To crack it open, surround it with cluster explosions. Fortunately, the very process of warming and opening a dragon's egg brings profits to the prospector. The reward's size depends on how valuable the spells you invested in the explosion are, which elements precisely joined together, and how many soared into the air.

For instance, if you managed to group the scroll tied with a red ribbon, it would multiply (or, as magicians denote this transformation: "->") your reward:

5+ -> 0.3

7+ -> 0.5

9+ -> 0.7

11+ -> 0.9

13+ ->  1.5

15+ ->  3

18+ -> 6

20+ -> 12

Two crossed blades would serve you as follows:

5+ -> 0.4

7+ -> 0.6

9+ -> 0.8

11+ -> 1

13+ -> 2

15+ -> 4

18+ -> 8

20+ -> 15

A scepter made of gold is also a weighty argument in this incantation:

5+ -> 0.5

7+ -> 0.8

9+ -> 1

11+ -> 1.2

13+ -> 2.5

15+ ->  5

18+ -> 10

20+ -> 20

Royal crowns falling on the field produce an unforgettable impression:

5+ -> 1.5

7+ -> 2 

9+ -> 2.5

11+ -> 3

13+ -> 5 

15+ -> 10 

18+ -> 25 

20+ -> 50

You probably noticed that the aforementioned objects themselves pose no danger and can be used in everyday life (if you know exactly how to use a crown and a scepter in your daily routine). However, under the influence of magic, they become highly explosive. One might say they start speaking the language of dragons.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Features

So, what message do the dragons convey?

This becomes clear when the dragons awaken and open their eyes.

  • Those with blue eyes begin to combat low-value elements. They rid themselves of all similar objects before them, and even those that take their place are entirely precious.
  • Those with green eyes always carry in their pocket (claws? breast pocket?) a couple of dozen wild artifacts, which they scatter across the field.
  • Those with violet eyes strike with lightning, multiplying the amount of gold exponentially.

Dragon's Clusterbuster RTP & Volatility

The slot's RTP stands firmly in the middle at 96%. The volatility is high.

Dragon's Clusterbuster Conclusion

Dragons inspire fear and are dangerous, but only for those who haven't found ways to tame them. If you've managed to befriend these majestic and powerful creatures, you'll know exactly how to use a crown and a scepter in everyday life.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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