Eye of Horus

If you’ve always dreamed of going to Egypt and exploring the ancient hieroglyphs in the depths of the pyramid, like the heroes of thrilling adventure films, then you will find this creation by Reel Time Gaming particularly attractive. What traps and treats can await you under the scorching sun of the mythical Egypt and in the shade of the pyramids?

  • Cunning puzzles.
  • Interesting bonus games.
  • Special hieroglyphs full of secrets and magic. 

So, put on your hat, take your whip, add any other props to your liking and - go ahead - into the depths of the ancient structures. How to find the entrance? Read Wild24 online casino’s detailed guide.

Eye of Horus Slot

Game Info *

Provider Reel Time Gaming
Theme Egypt, Gods, Ancient
Reels 5
Pay lines 10
Stakes Range £0.1 – £20
Max Win x50,000
RTP 96.31%
Volatility Med
Release date 07/09/2016

How to Play Eye of Horus

Everything is very simple here: 

  1. You just need to find a big green button on the right side of the wall with clay tablets and press it. 
  2. The pictograms on the wall will start spinning, trying to form one of the combinations that will reward your diligence with a shiny coin from the pharaoh’s treasure.

Eye of Horus Features

The Eye of Horus has two secret passages that turn the process of finding the combination that will open the room with treasures into an even more exciting adventure: 

  • The door to the first carefully hidden corridor opens when you get any win from the hieroglyphs on the wall. Like an obstacle course that an archaeologist has to go through, it gives you a choice. At the first stage, it is impossible to make a mistake; you need to choose between ladders and cards:
  • Ladders will test your reaction. You will see a ladder with different values that flash. Your task is to click on the image at the right moment to climb up the ladder that leads to a generous reward. The higher you climb up the steps, the more gold you will find. But be careful - one wrong move and you will fall through a hole that suddenly opens in the floor. The treasures will remain in their place waiting for the next daredevil. However, you can collect half of your win at any time by pressing the button with money.
  • In the game with cards, you have to guess the colour of the hidden card. Fortunately, there is not much choice: cards can be either red or black. Each lucky hit doubles your stake. However, one unsuccessful attempt and your bonus account will only boast a zero.
  • The second secret passage can be found at a point where you have a clear view of three pyramids in front of you. To open the door, use a key in the shape of Eye of Horus. This hieroglyph will appear here and there and increase the value of other signs. If you are very lucky, your loot can increase by thousands of times.

Eye of Horus RTP & Volatility

With medium volatility and RTP of 96.31%, this slot offers very decent conditions for good wins and an exciting process of achieving them. 

Eye of Horus Conclusion

Beautiful and dangerous, this slot knows how to keep players on edge. After all, so much depends on your decision or movement. We hope that you will manage to get through all the traps and come out of the pyramids pharaoh-style rich.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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