Fa Fa Babies

Casinos are great places to experience the glorious diversity of human culture. On the one hand we all have our own peculiar quirks. What is considered lucky, what is considered unlucky, the ceremonies we perform in order to guard our luck and how we go about getting rid of our bad luck; it presents a tremendous diversity that is a testament to our inventiveness. On the other hand, every culture has symbolism surround good and bad luck and each culture has its ceremonies to ensure that good fortune follows us. In a way, the diversity shows us how similar we are.

Fa is good luck and your source for riches

Game Info


Red Tiger Gaming


Chinese Luck



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.20 to 40

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

When you start this Chinese Luck Slot from Red Tiger Gaming you can start with a short explanation of how the game works. It can be helpful to better understand the game mechanics before diving in, especially if there are features being deployed that you haven’t run into before. Once you have that out of the way, starting play is no different than most other slots. Simply set your stake and spin the reels.

Fa Fa Babies Gameplay & Features

There are lucky Chinese symbols everywhere you look. Fa itself means fortune, happy babies, gold and red as well as lucky Koi fish, they abound. The max win is 1,888 times your stake. The number 8 is lucky because it sounds the same as the Chinese word for luck which is why so many figures end in the number 8. As you play you are collecting coins. You win these when they are attached to symbols that are part of a winning combination. The aim is to collect a total of 138 coins (there we go again with a number ending in 8) but you start the game with 38 in the kitty. When you have 138 coins you win the jackpot. Do be aware that the number of coins you have already collected is tied to your stake, so if you change it for some reason the total goes back down to 38.

There are also a number of red envelopes that will show up instead of Symbols. Each one of these lucky envelopes increases one of your jackpots. The do take up the space of other symbols on the reels decreasing your chance to land a winning combination.

Like many other games, there is a free spin component to Fa Fa Babies. Land at least 3 Free Spin Symbols in order to win, you guessed it, 8 free spin.

Fa Fa Babies RTP & Volatility

Fa Fa Babies has High Volatility and an RTP of 95.74%.

Fa Fa Babies Verdict

Fa Fa Babies delivers all of the staples of a Chinese Luck Slot. Plenty of Lucky symbolism with a lot revolving around the lucky number eight. On top of that the progressive jackpots are very typical for Chinese Luck Slots as well. All in all this is an entertaining take on a very popular theme. The biggest gripe we have is concerning the lucky envelopes, even though they work towards increasing the jackpot totals, they do nothing for increasing your chances to win. In fact they have an opposite effect.

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