Reel King Mega

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Game Info


Red Tiger Gaming


Classic Casino



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.20 to 200

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win





Very Low


How to Play

Reel King Mega is an offering from Red Tiger Gaming. Is this the one that will get you to try out Megaways Casinos? It may just be were we to judge merely by the number of different iterations put out of this classic slot. It seems there are an awful lot of people that love them some Reel King Mega. So what’s the big deal? How about you slide a (virtual) coin into this slot in the form of setting your stake and give it a spin so that you are in the know.

Reel King Mega Gameplay & Features

Reel King Mega seems to concentrate on providing an experience more or less as expected. There is the usual rogues gallery of Symbols with varying value that you need to line up in order to start raking in the cash. From time to time that Royal Crown will float down into the matrix and transform a bog standard symbol into a Wild.

You may also notice that the reels turn up yellow sometimes. If you manage to turn all 5 yellow a minigame starts. 5 Reel Kings make their way down to spin their very own reels. The more colored 7s the Reel Kings land the more money you take away.

And sometimes, all you want is a little more betting. My guess is that this is the best loved feature of this slot. Every time you win on the reels you have the option to wager your winnings in order to increase them or loose the lot. The higher you possible win, the lower the chance you’ll make it. That’s what’s so exciting when the wheel spins and you just hope you don’t land in the red.

Reel King Mega RTP & Volatility

Reel King Mega comes with a 96.17% RTP and very low volatility.

Reel King Mega Verdict

Maybe not the most complicated Slot on the Market but Reel King Mega is surprisingly entertaining in it’s simplicity. That may explain why it’s so massively popular as it delivers on what it promises to bring to the table. Sometimes that’s the best thing.

Try out Reel King Mega and the rest of our impressive line up of top mobile slots UK. Wild 24 has more choice than you are ever likely going to know what to do with. Welcome inside!

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.