Shark Blitz

What is it about sharks that has us all fascinated with them? All of the nature channels spend half of their time showing off their shark films to great effect. Shark Week is literally what made the Discovery Channel into the juggernaught it is now a days. Shark slots are no exceptions. They are all the rage. This slot reviewer thinks it has something to do with the fact that they feel almost alien. They are not like regular fish, they have eyes that don’t compute the same way mammal eyes do and the moment you see them, you instinctively know they are dangerous. That’s where all the excitement comes from. Undoubtedly, Playtech is hoping that some of that sharky magic will rub off on their slot machine offering.

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Shark week!



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How to Play

There certainly is a lot of excitement when you look at the range of stake you can play. If you want to play it safe, keep close to the 0.25 minimum. If you are feeling adventurous then go all in and put a full 200 at stake each time you spin those reels. We’d tell you how much you could reel in with a max stake but for some reason we could no find any kind of information on what the max win is on this particular slot. If everything feels a little sluggish on this slot, there is nothing stopping you from using the turbo button which will speed everything up and make it go faster. Like on most other slots, there is an autospin feature which you can activate by give the spin button a long click.

Shark Blitz Gameplay & Features

This 6 reel slot has an unusual layout. The 6 reels have 5 symbols on the four central reels and only 3 symbols on the two outer reels. The background music that you know comes from a shark themed movie will instantly get you into the mood. There is a big blue ocean in the background behind the somewhat smallish reels. They could have taken up more of the screen. If check out the pay table you will discover that there is a treasure trove of low paying symbols in the form of 9 to Ace Royals. Landing this will do very little to getting you filthy, stinking rich. The sea creature themed symbols will do a better job of doing that. Tuna and Stingray will pay out as much as 100 times your stake if you land six of them. When you land 6 Jelly Fish or Sea Turtles you will take away 125 times you stake The real star, when it comes to winning, is the Great White Shark Symbol. This beauty is your ticket to taking home 150 times your stake should you land a total of six.

A blue Diamond acts as the wild card. Makes you wonder what the hell its doing all the way out in the ocean.

Free Spins are won by landing Free Game Recharge Scatters. There are between 8 and 15 free spins up for grabs depending on how many Scatters you land. Landing more scatters during the Free Spins section will recharge your outstanding free spins back to 8.

There is also a jackpot blitz that seems to be triggered entirely at random which gives you the chance to win one of the four random progressive jackpots.

Shark Blitz RTP & Volatility

Shark Blitz has a Return to Player Rate of 95.1% and undetermined Volatility.

Shark Blitz Verdict

This could have been a great slot. Great White Sharks spark our imagination and if they would have played it up more like in the movies it would have added a lot of excitement to this slot. Themed slots are all over the slot websites, from wolves to Egyptians to Pirates to you name it.

There is so much potential when it comes to sharks. There is plenty of room for an excellent, Shark themed, real money slot to make a bunch of discovery channel fans happy for hours on end. Unfortunately, this is no one of them.

You can’t win them all but you can find a bunch of slots that you will enjoy when you browse our huge selection of games here at WILD 24. Please enjoy!

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.