Slingo Rainbow Riches

In the leprechaun village, every day is a celebration, accompanied by fairs, raffles, contests, mischievous jesters, and playful villains, not to mention a plethora of prizes. Fancy diving into this kaleidoscope of delights? Open the Slingo Rainbow Riches game on the Wild 24 Casino website and immerse yourself in the gift-hunting competition.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Review

Game Info *

Provider Slingo Originals, SG Digital
Theme Irish, Rainbow, Slingo
Reels 5
Pay lines 12
Stakes Range £0.6 – £100
Max Win x1,000
RTP 95.6%
Volatility Medium
Release date 27/08/2018

How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

  • Start by deciding how many coins you'll pay for game participation.
    The available amounts are as follows: 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 50 / 100. 
  • You'll receive 10 red balls, each offering a chance to mark one or more numbers on the grid. 
  • After the drumroll, you'll see the words: Ready / Set / Go! and the game will begin.
  • When the numbers on the 5-section drum match those already on the grid, the latter are automatically marked with yellow stars on a red gradient background. 
  • The more horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines you can create with these stars, the closer you get to the cooler reward on the ladder of mini-games. 
  • If, by the time you've used all 10 turns, you've reached one of the games, launch it by pressing the COLLECT button and claim your well-deserved reward.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Features

Who will assist you in your trial? The residents of the leprechaun village working at the fair:

  1. Joker: Marks any number from the column above. Recognizable by the clown mask with a wide smile, red nose, and a hat with bells. Costume colors: red/yellow/blue.
  2. Super Joker: Marks any number on the entire grid. Dressed in a green and yellow hero costume with the letter S on the chest. Features a wide smile, a large red nose, and a hat with three bells. Holds a raised fist, demonstrating strength and readiness to solve any number issue.

There's another character here trying to throw a spanner in the works - the Devil. This little red fellow, resembling a sausage, blocks potential matches on the grid. He also tries to spook you with his small pointed horns, furrowed eyebrows, and an unkind smile featuring protruding lower fangs. He's not really scary, but don't let him know, or he'll get upset and head home. No one wants to play against a grumpy sausage at the fair.

Slingo Rainbow Riches RTP & Volatility

RTP and volatility are two crucial parameters of this unique slot. With a Return to Player of 95.6%, the slot shows the percentage of returns to players from all bets made. In this case, even if a spectacular victory doesn't occur, you can recover almost all your investments in the game in the long run. Volatility indicates the frequency and size of slot payouts, and here it's moderate.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Conclusion

This slot is so unique that you simply must give it a try. The satisfaction of advancing in game ranks and the antics of comical leprechauns take this pastime to a new level of fun.

* All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.

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