Temple Of Iris

Allow us to present to you the ancient Egyptian goddess that was in charge of something really important. None of this weighing your heart against a feather nonsense. What she specialized in was something far more monumental to the human experience. Mother of Horus and wife or Osiris, there are endless temples in honour to her very special ability. No doubt the Egyptians understood what was important. Beer. Now you too can head down the Nile and pay homage to the goddess who taught the Egyptians how to make this ever important beverage. Find out if this slot from the boys at Eyecon will give you more than a beer buzz by reading our review below.


Game Info




Ancient Egypt





Stakes Range

0.10 to 12.5

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to play

Step right up to your slot and decide how much coin your are going to slide on in. It’s all virtual, of course, because we are playing on line but you still have to decide on the height of your stake. This slot gives you a range starting at 0.10 and going all the way up to 12.5. Do you like smashing that spin button? Or do you prefer let the machines do all of the hard work while you sit back and witness how your luck plays out? It’s all up to you as control if you want to use that autospin function.

Temple of Iris Gameplay & Features

This is a great slot to play if you’ve had a couple of drinks because it is super straight forward. The symbols all make plenty of sense with most of them consisting of the usual set of low value royals. There are, of course, a bunch of Egypt themed symbols but most of them are not much more exciting that the rest of the set. The two you should be paying extra attention to are the Wild Card and the Scatter Symbol.

The Wild card comes in the form of a Priestess of Iris. She looks at you serenely in her pale frock. Being a wild card she helps you reach winning combinations by standing in for any symbol on offer except for the scatter symbol.

The Scatter symbol on this slot comes in the form of a pyramid and it performs two functions. For starters, it is the most valuable symbol available and can get you as much as 450 times your stake if you land 5 of them. It is also the symbol that will deliver Free Spins to you. You only need to land three Pyramid symbols in order to make it to the Free Spin round where you have 15 Free Spins. You can win more free spins during the round and it is the most valuable round because all prizes are tripled.



Temple of Iris RTP & Volatility

The Temple of Iris runs at Medium volatility and has a 95% Return to Player rate.

Temple of Iris Verdict

There is not too much to write home about this basic slot from Eyecon looking to make a quick buck from the Ancient Egypt craze in slot machines while putting in minimal effort. Sound effects and Graphics are very standard and so is the game play. If you need some relief from all of those slot machines that have your adrenalin up then this might be just the slot to get your pulse back to normal


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