The Bowery Boys

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix a slot machine with an action game and then thrown in the looks of a graphic novel? Now’s your chance as you step into the world of criminal gangs running one of the storied neighbourhoods of Manhattan at the turn of the 20th Century. No Leo Dicaprio or Daniel Day Lewis but still plenty of Gangs of New York Grit mixed with a highly volatile and action packed game engine. There are times when slot machines feel like something you would find in a Las Vegas Casino and there are times when they feel more like when a top of the market video game has just hit your local arcade. This one definitely feels like the latter. 

Game Info


Hackson Gaming


Gangs of New York



Pay lines

All Scatter Wins

Stakes Range

0.10 to 100

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

The whole setting is a bit aggressive and may get you into the mood to punch hard. They do let you do that here by extending the stakes range all the way to a whopping 100 a spin. That’s certain to make every second playing this game a pulse raising adventure, that’s for sure.

The Bowery Boys Gameplay & Features

The Bowery Boys is a slot that is packed with action. You notice that the moment you lay your eyes on the 6 reels holding 5 symbols each. They don’t really roll into place but rather just sort of stack up. There is no particular pay line you need to hit, just get 8 or more of the same symbol on the screen and you have a win. More than 8 is much better as the value raises accordingly. Once you collect the win, the symbols that led to the win disappear and new symbols cascade into place often leading to a knock on effect of additional wins without having to spin those wheels again.

Let’s have a look at the three mini games that you can play beyond the base game and how to get to them:

Strong Box Storage – A single Bonus symbol is required to get to this mini game. For starters you get 10 Free Spins. The focus of this mini games is to open as many safes as possible. You need both the safe and the key on screen. If you don’t land a key there are 5 spots to store the safes until you land a key that opens them all.

Daisy Dynamite – For this one you need 2 Bonus symbols to play the mini games. Just like in the last one, you get 10 free spins. This time around the point of the game is to collect as many sticks of dynamite. They are the multipliers in this game. Nothing blows up until you land a detonator. Hopefully you have winning combination at the same time so that there is something to multiply, otherwise it just goes poof.

Bowery Savings Bank – Now it’s time for the big heist. With three Bonus Symbols you get access to this adventure. With the space of ten free spins you have to get the banks vallue up to a max. Avoid the police or else you will need to bribe them to look the other way. Be sure to land that dollar sign before your spins are up to pick up your hard earned cash. Now for a pint. All that thieving is thirsty work.

The Bowery Boys RTP & Volatility

Volatility is High on the Bowery Boys. The RTP rates fluctuates between the different parts of the game from as low as 88.45% up to 96.41%.

The Bowery Boys Verdict

If you are in the mood for something a little different, something that doesn’t feel like your everyday slot machine be sure to give the Bowery Boys a go. Just don’t forget that you are playing a slot and each turn of the wheels is a bet, not a video game.

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