Wild Tundra

Slot machines are fairly straight forward forms of entertainment. Or so you would think. A bunch of reels spin with pictures on them. If they line up in a predetermined pattern you win some money, if they don’t you loose some money. That’s basically it. If it was that simple then all slot machines would feel more or less the same. The level of excitement playing them would universally hover around whatever the average is. We all know that this is not how things pan out in the real (reel) world. There are slot machines that will have you banging your head with frustration. There are slots that will put you to sleep faster than you can count ten sheep. And then there are slots that will have you on the edge of you seat from the moment you lay eyes on it. What is the magic sauce that makes all of the difference? It’s hard to define because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Red Tiger Gaming, not for the first time, have created another slot that is a contender for the biggest win online slot. Congratulations!

Game Info


Red Tiger Gaming


Ice Age



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.10 to 10

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win






How to Play

We couldn’t wait to get started with this slot. Getting comfortable in front of our screens we set our stake and got going. The range had enough room for most styles of playing without letting you loose your pants too fast. The fact that there is a turbo button is much appreciated. Sometimes you just want to speed things up and don’t have the patience to see those reels spin and spin. It’s nice when you can skip that if the mood strikes you. As with other Red Tiger Gaming slots, the autospin feature lets you cap your loss which is a great way of keeping the slot machine from running away with all of your cash.

Wild Tundra Gameplay & Features

What sets this slot machine apart is all in the execution. The secret to a good slot is not in the pay table. If you have a look at the one for this slot you will find what you see almost everywhere else. Some low value symbols and some high value symbols. It’s more about the look and feel that determines what makes a really exciting slot machine. The are is crisp and integrated. The reels take up the right amount of the screen. When you land a winning combination, the animation freezing your winning symbols looks great. And who doesn’t like a well executed cascade mechanic? It’s just incredibly satisfying to see those new symbols fall into place and creating one winning combination after another. It doesn’t happen every time but it does happen often enough to keep you spinning in order to see that happening again. This slot understands that you love winning those Free Spins so that when you land two scatters is plays up the excitement of finding out if you will land that illusive third symbol adds to the enjoyment. It is little things like that which make all the difference. Slot machines are about entertainment, the slot machine should be as excited about those bonus round spins as you are.

There is no Wild Symbol on this slot but your high value symbols do sometimes come with multipliers in order to increase your winnings.

Wild Tundra RTP & Volatility

Wild Tundra has a Return to Player Rate of 95.7% and High Volatility.

Wild Tundra Verdict

From start to finish, this slot is a lot of fun. It reminds us of many of the things that we love about playing slots. It’s great to see a game studio that understands how important it is to help their players feel the thrill of the game especially when so many others seem to be cynical about players and making games.

All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.