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Blackjack Player Rules

There is no such thing as just a single version of blackjack. In fact, there a myriad version of the game where you are trying to beat the house by reaching 21. If you want to know the ins and outs of the game the best place to start is making yourself familiar with the blackjack rules UK. This pithy guide will help you if you are interested in playing blackjack with some of the rules you need to know in order to make the most of this exciting game. If you are going to be playing live blackjack, it is most useful to be aware of these rules.

Hitting Rules

When you are playing blackjack you are trying to hold cards with values that add up to exactly 21. Failing that, you want to get as close as possible without going over. When you first get your cards look at their value and decide if you need or want another card in order to get closer to 21. You signal the dealer that you want to get hit and he will immediately deal you another card. Do be careful not to go over because then you go bust and lose the round.

Standing Rules

Assuming you have not gone bust, at one point you will decide that you have enough cards. When you are happy with the your hand you can decide to stand. When you stand you will no longer be able to receive any cards. You can only stand if you have not already gone bust. If you have already gone bust, the round is over for you. When you make the decision to stand, the turn goes to the next player.

Pair Spitting Rules

Wouldn’t it be great if your could hold more than one hand of cards? This is actually possible through something called splitting. So when can you split your cards? You can split your cards when you hold two of the same cards. When you split you now hold two hands each with a single card. You will receive another card for each hand. If you get two of the same card again, you can split again, unless its an Ace which can be split only once. You now go through the regular routine of trying to get as close as possible to 21 without getting over by asking to be hit and trying to make sure you hold before going bust.

Doubling Down Rules

There are scenarios where you will be convinced that you have an exceptionally good chance of winning. This usually happens when you hold cards that add up to between 9 and 11. When this is the case you can ask to double down. This means that you double your bet. When you double down you are dealt a last card, face up and you must now stand, unless you have gone bust.

Surrender Rules

There are subtle differences in the surrender rules between different casinos. The same kind of differences exist in between different versions of Blackjack. Surrender rules exist so that you can recoup some of your bet if you are sure that you are going to lose. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the exact rules for the version of Blackjack that you are playing. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that surrendering will not get you back your entire wager.

Now you’ve had a review of the rules that each player should know when they are playing blackjack. There is much more to learn about this deceptively simple game.