Gates of Olympus

Playing Greek gods themed slots at WILD 24 is not the only way to relive that particular form of mythology. It’s very popular in fact and utilized in a number of formats. Take Gods of War for instance, a very successful gaming franchise on the Playstation. If you’ve had a chance to play the 3rd installment you’ll be aware of the kind of effort it takes to make it to the gates of Olympus. Even the titans struggle with such a Herculean feat. Can you make it there while playing the take that Pragmatic Play have put together?

Olympic heights with this slot for the ages

Game Info


Pragmatic Play


Greek Gods



Pay lines


Stakes Range

0.2 to 125

Free SpinsMultiplier


Max Win





Very High

How to Play

Online Slot sites are replete with mythological themes. There’s something deeply entertaining, if only for a minute that all of those fantastical stories are true, if only a little bit. They convey a deep human truth of what it’s like to get at what really drives us, even if we project all of those struggles unto creatures that are supposedly stronger than us. It’s the sub consciousness with these narratives that has us coming back again and again, regardless of the exact origin of the myth.

Is that why you are considering playing this slot? Can you imagine yourself setting the stake and pushing that spin button as you pit your wits against the denizens of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus Gameplay & Features

Part of what makes myth so powerful is that it repeats familiar themes. You feel both at home while wondering how the story turns out this time. With this slot the familiar comes in the form of a collection of different valued symbols starting with relatively low value gems followed by more valuable symbols such as Goblets, Rings, Sand Timers and Crowns. The Crowns are the ones you’ll want to go after.

Gates of Olympus deploys something called the always engine which means that there are theoretically unlimited ways that you can win. This is the twist in the story. Rather than having to line up three symbols in a row, all you have to do to win is to land 8 of the same symbols anywhere on the reels to rake in the gold.

There’s also a twist in the narrative. There are now Wild Cards on this slot which is a bit unexpected. And here is another twist, from time to time Zues will throw a winged orb into the arena. The orb comes with varying values ranging from 2x to 500x multipliers.

Free Spins can be won by landing enough of the Zues symbols. The way that free spins work is a return to the familiar. 

Each winning combination you land on the reels disappears and is replaced with new symbols giving you an additional opportunity to win more prizes.

Gates of Olympus RTP & Volatility

Gates of Olympus comes with an RTP of 96.5% and Very High Volatility.

Gates of Olympus Verdict

This slot is a lot of fun, especially if you are a fan of mythological themes as it present an amusing mix of both the new and the old. The super high volatility ensures that nothing is ever to predictable as you play.

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