Blackjack Online

Three Names for Fun

Blackjack online is a digital legacy of the world-famous game originally from France. The first documented cases of blackjack date back to the middle of the XIX century. This entertainment has several names:

  • blackjack
  • twenty-one
  • pontoon

The second option is a translation of the French phrase vingt-et-un. That's what this game was called in France when it first appeared. To this day, all these names are official and everyone calls blackjack as they want.

There are rumors that for about 50 years this card game could not boast of great demand. It is said that visitors to American casinos were tempted to a blackjack game only because there were many attractive bonuses in the game. Now everything has changed!

Casino Wild24 users who play blackjack online for money consider this a wonderful way to pass an evening or a free hour with a game that perfectly combines two components:

  • the significance of a lucky chance
  • the intellectual, and in particular mathematical, abilities of the player.

Some people think that the role of luck prevails here. Some people are sure that he can win thanks to “secret techniques", and some people just enjoy the game process and do it right. After all, blackjack is worth it!

Game Blackjack Rules

Let's consider the basic rules of this surprisingly simple but exciting game:

  • you need to know the face value of the cards: the ace is 11 points, cards with pictures give 10 points, the value of the remaining cards matches their number
  • do not pay attention to the suit of cards
  • blackjack is played with several decks (at least two)
  • the participants of the game are the dealer and 1-6 players
  • the game stops when someone collects a combination with 21 points, or when all participants decide to stop the round

Etiquette of Blackjack in the UK

As we have already explained, Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It has a well respected reputation amongst gentlemen. And where there are gentlemen, there is etiquette.

Blackjack also involves certain rules of behavior:

  • If the card is dealt face down, the player must not touch it.
  • If the card is dealt face up, the player can take it, but only with one hand, not with two.
  • The player should not remove the cards from the table by himself.
  • To declare their gaming intentions, an experienced player uses gestures. Sometimes he duplicates his gestures with words.
  • The player is not allowed to put any foreign objects on the table. All of them should be outside the table – in pockets, bags, with friends accompanying you, or anywhere else. Only in some casinos there are exceptions: for ashtrays and glasses with drinks distributed free of charge in the institution.
  • Communication with other players should be polite. Don't give advice. Don't blame others for your mistakes. Don't make quarrels. Behave calmly and carefully.

Quite a lot of rules, isn't it? But we have great news: playing best live blackjack online at Casino Wild24 you don't need to think about the rules. You can just concentrate on the game and have fun!

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