Roulette Online

Internet or Reality?

The entertainment of “roulette online for real money” appeared relatively recently. Analyzing our users' preferences, we can confidently say that the army of roulette fans is growing like dough by leaps and bounds. It would not be too bold to say that roulette online may even have overtaken the popularity of a similar game in real casinos. There are many reasons for this growth. Let's look at some of them.

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The Convenience of the Gameplay

Everyone can spend quality time in an online casino and amuse themselves by trying various games, including roulette. At the same time, this pastime has its undeniable advantages:

  • You play in a comfortable environment, in your favourite clothes, in a cosy pose;
  • You enjoy complete anonymity without risking accidentally meeting an annoying neighbour or running nose-to-nose with a scandalous ex.

Rich Selection of Live Casino Roulette

Modern gaming houses offer a serious range of offers. Even in simple casinos, there are several types of roulette. Online casinos are superior to them all. Here, you can find all types of roulette directly on one site. At Casino Wild 24, we have many roulette games from which you can choose, and if you want to play right now:

  • Live Roulette
  • Real Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Authentic Roulette
  • Auto Roulette with the ability to speed up the process

You can also easily and quickly switch from game to game. It's much faster to do it online than in a real casino, going from room to room (which may look a little suspicious, by the way).

Unconditional Honesty

This is perhaps the main trump card of casino roulette online. In a virtual game, a person acts against a program that excludes human participation. Moreover, even if the conversation turns to LIVE roulette, the PC controls the game process.

Why is it good? Because you will not have to deal with scammers who, in pursuit of money, influence the game in one way or another and reduce your honest chances of success. For example, in these cases:

  • Once in London, three people won 1.3 million pounds in a casino using a scanner on a mobile phone. According to the Times newspaper, the built-in device calculated the speed of roulette turns and highlighted the most likely winning numbers. The probability of winning in this way increased from 37 to one to six to one. They were detained by the police.
  • About 50 years ago, in a French casino, a croupier, in collusion with relatives, managed to “win" a million dollars. An enterprising family forced the ball to stop at the right time with the help of a radio transmitter and a “modified” ball. Based on this case, the film "Tricheurs" was shot in France.

Of course, such cases in the casino are extremely rare. But it's still better to ensure the game is being played honestly. When you play casino roulette online, it is guaranteed.

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